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Steve Rediscovers Vinyl Blog is almost ready to launch next week. I cannot wait to tell you about my new found love of vinyl.  In meanwhile happy hunting and happy listening to music.

Keep rockin’ and smiling.




Where I Purchase My Vinyl

There are more places available to purchase vinyl. These are a few places where I purchase mine.

Record Stores

I purchase new records from HMV in Birmingham and Solihull. These tend to be the 180g reissues or new releases. There are also a couple of independent stores in Birmingham that I have used. There is Swordfish Records which sells both new and second-hand records. I also use The Diskery which is the oldest record store in England. It sells second-hand records. A great place to come and browse for records. Prices range from £1.00 all the way to obscure pressings that will cst three figures. They even give you a cup of tea to refresh you as you browse.

I consider myself to be very lucky to have a new shop open in my hometown. Psychotron Records opened on 4 June and has quickly become the place where I part with my cash. It stocks from all genes and has something that covers all price range.

Might have overdone it on that shopping trip.

Auction Sites

I did start off buying vinyl from using sites like e-bay. You can get yourself some bargains if you are quick enough. However, there can be a downside. You have to be quick off the mark to get the record at the right price. There have been times where I have allowed wanting the record more than paying the correct price. My advice on using auction sites is set a maximum figure and stick to it. If somebody else bids higher than it was not meant to be. The same record will be auctioned by somebody else.

Charity Shops

When the vinyl revival started these stores were a goldmine for cheap vinyl. Like any other trend stores have seem that there is money to be made and there is nothing wrong with that. Afterall the money is going to charity. There is a criticism that charity stores charge too much for vinyl. Sometimes this is the case but you have the option not to buy it.

Records sold in charity stores fall into two categories. The first category is those who will put the donations on the racks without checking the packaging and the condition of the records. These records tend to be sold cheaper. By regularly visiting these stores you can pick up the odd gem to add to your collection.

Some charity stores now have vinyl volunteers. These people come in check the quality of the vinyl, clean and check for value. You can spot the stores that have these volunteers. The records are cleaner and have been put in protective cases. The records are more expensive but no more than a store selling second-hand vinyl. Oxfam have stores that specialise in books and music. I have used the store in Solihull.

This haul from a charity store cost £12.00

Record Fairs

I have just started to visit record fairs. A place where like-minded collectors come looking for a bargain or for that special collectible item. There are some who will travel the length of the country to feed their addiction. I will be attending the a record fair in Birmingham next week looking for the record that brings back memories to me. Payment tends to be cash so just bring along the cash you are willing to spend and take your time. I got myself some good records particularly singles from last visit to the record fair.

Purchased at a record fair

There are other ways that you can purchase records. Card boot and garage sales can be a good source but you do need to be early and also be prepared to haggle. Some prices may be based on the current price on e-bay despite the condition.

The enjoyable part of vinyl collecting for is the browsing the racks. You can come away with some unexpected purchases.

Until the next post, happy hunting and keep on listening to great music.


The First Post

Music has always played an important role in my life. In fact nothing has given so much pleasure over the years. Music has been a source of inspiration and also a great comforter in times of need. When as a 2 year old I started singing along to Keith West ‘Except from a Teenage Opera’  I was hooked. The beauty of music is that it evolves as you get older. Discovering new genres and new bands means you never stop learning to appreciate good music. I managed to build up a good collection of mainly CDs and a small amount of vinyl.

Sadly, my habbits began to change and  I stopped buying music.All my vinyl was disposed of.  I thought I had it all with the music streaming websites. After all who would not jump at the chance of being able to access a huge library for a tenner a month. I jumped in with both feet. The downside was that I would never own the music. There was nothing to hold on, nothing to read while listening. The whole experience left me feeling empty.

A couple of years ago I was in Nottingham and killing time I decided to visit Fopp Records. It turned out to be a almost evangelical experience. All these vinyl records and before I knew it I was flipping through them. It took me back to my seventeen year old self. However, it was only until April this year I decided to take the plunge and purchased my a Steepletone SRP1R record player. Why that one? Because it look liked the old Dansette my mum used to own. With that I brought  a new copy of AC/DC ‘Back in Black’.

The trusty machine
The best album of them all

The feeling of physically holding the sleeve while listening to the music cannot be described. Holding on to the sleeve admiring the artwork and reading the lyrics. The beauty of the 45rpm single where for three minutes I could listen to something crafted with love such as the The Beach Boys ‘Good Vibrations’.

The sound of stylus on vinyl is better then anything digital could ever offer. I had become hooked again. Now whenever I pass any charity shop I always pop in on the off chance that I may pick up something. Sometimes there is nothing there, on ther other hand you find the odd gem. At time of writing I have now amassed 250 LPs and singles. This collection is going to keep on growing.

This blog will highlight my purchases as my collection grows. Also it will reflect my love of music to. Who knows I may even produce a video or two.

Until the next post keep on listening to good music.

One day I will master the selfie